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    Craps Strategy – How to Win Playing Craps at Online Casino

    14/03/2021 By Cynthia 0 comments

    Although slots and card games still hold the attention of many casino players, some gamblers remain craps fans. First, craps is a game with a fairly low house edge. Secondly, it uses simple rules that you can quickly master. Third, it provides a good variety of bets to choose from, among which there are both low and high-risk bets. For example, if you don’t want to seriously harm your bankroll, you can play carefully by opting for low-risk bets. However, craps is also great because it can be very profitable – especially if you use the right betting system. We’re here to share the best craps strategy and give you some tips to improve your game.

    Casino Craps Strategy – Best Bet Types

    To make bets work in your favor, you should use an optimal betting strategy that will reduce the house edge. Before you start, make sure that you know the rules of the game and understand well the essence of one or another type of bet in craps. Then follow the tips below:

    1. Use Pass/Don’t Pass and Come/Don’t Come bets if you are looking for the best craps strategy how to win more often. With these bets, you will be able to lower house edge down to 1.4%.
    2. Place 6 and Place 8, along with Field 12 and Field 2, are also good bets promising fairly frequent wins.
    3. Avoid the Hard-Way 4 and Hard-Way 10 bets as they provide a huge 11% house edge.
    4. Bet on a multiplier when you have placed a Pass or Come bet and the point has already been thrown – this is a good bet with high winning odds.
    5. Choose a casino that pays 3 to 1 on Field Bets on 2 and 12.
    Craps Strategy online

    Keep in mind that there are so-called ‘aggressive’ craps strategies that offer you to make risky bets in order to receive large payouts. Since most of these bets give an edge of 5% or more to house, avoid them even if they seem too tempting.

    Iron Cross Craps Strategy Explained

    The Iron Cross strategy is a very common type of bet, which – nevertheless – not everyone knows about. This is a combination of bets that includes the most likely numbers. Here’s what you need to know about this betting system:

    • Iron Cross craps strategy invites you to place a Field bet together with a Place bet on three numbers – 5, 6, 8.
    • This works so that even if the Field bet is lost, the Place bet will be paid and vice versa.
    • The player will lose all bets only if the number 7 appears.

    Iron Cross strategy was invented in order to increase the number of rounds won during the game session. Although some winnings may not cover the money spent on bets, you will not lose all of your money. As known, 7 is the most likely number – however, it appears approximately every 6-7 throws. So Iron Cross can be the perfect option for those who want to win at craps more often.

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