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  • Video poker free games: the best types and strategies

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    Learn about the best strategies for video poker free games and increase your chances for winning

    When people play video poker free games, they get a chance to learn and develop skills necessary for the professional level. Today the video poker version is more popular than the traditional game of poker since you can play it online, at your convenience and in most cases for free.

    This article will inform you what types of free versions of this game are out there, where you can play them and which strategies can help to increase odds for winning.

    Types of free online video poker games

    You can find them almost on each online casino. The only thing that you have to do is make sure the free version is available. Then, you either play online or download the software/app to your computer or mobile phone and enjoy the game. Let’s look at the type of video poker.

    • Deuces wild: one of the types of video poker free As you might understand from the name, this game involves wide cards. What it means is any card that has a value of two can replace any other card. This variation of video poker is available almost on each online casino.
    • Double Double bonus: another variation of video poker free Those who are familiar with Double bonus can guess that this version adds two pays for four of kinds with kickers. This game can be downloaded from RTG or Microgaming casinos.
    • Jacks or better is probably the most common type and it is highly recommended for newbies in the poker. Royal Vegas, Club USA Casino are just a couple of those which provide the game online.
    • Super Times Pay is one of the variations of video poker free games, where the win can be multiplied for the price of the sixth coin. This can happen at any time randomly.

    Best strategies to follow while playing video poker free games

    Video poker is one of the few games in the casino, where the result doesn’t depend only on luck. It mostly depends on good calculation and strategy. If you want to get the correct payback, you must learn to develop an efficient strategic plan and follow it during the game.

    There are multiple types of software that allow you to review various strategy charts and practice them.

    Best strategies for video poker games

    Before you start learning about strategies, you need to make sure that you fully understand how to make different combinations of poker hands. If you are not familiar with such words as “straight flush” or “full house”, refer to the poker glossary.

    There are different types of strategies that can be used. For example, one can be built for getting mostly royal flushes, while another strategic plan can allow you to win as many hands as possible without taking into consideration the amount of the win.

    Each decision you make while playing video poker free games can affect the result. Those decisions must be based on mathematical calculations.

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