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  • Video Poker machines – fine alternative to the real game

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    The main goal of Video Poker machines

    Video Poker machines are very popular in all big casinos and this fact gives a chance for the gamblers to feel free it the hazard desires. It’s easy to meet crowds of players in Vegas, Atlantic City or other casino areas, trying to find the best Video Poker machines to play and to get huge winning. The process of playing is quite simple. In general, the gambler drops the slug and gets 5 cards on the screen. After some of them are changed (if necessary), there can be a combination that brings some profit. Otherwise, the player loses the bet.

    The main and the simplest strategy that helps to understand how to beat video poker machines is always to keep the pair, or so-called draw-combination. There’s no bluff, teasing or noisy opponents. It’s only a matter of luck and professionalism. So try to your luck in new online casino.

    Video Poker machines and their variety

    Video Poker slot machines have different types and the main of them are described below.

    • Jacks or Better. It’s the most commonly used version of Video Poker machines. The name of the slot is self-explanatory. The player has to get the combination equal or better, than a pair of Jacks to get the gain. Of course, different casinos have the machines with various pay-out percentages. But this type is really attractive for the beginners and for those, who get the pleasure from the process itself. It’s only because Jacks or Better is not about big profits or big loss.
    • Tens or Better. The story is the same as with Jacks or Better, but the pay-out starts from Tens. The main difference is the smaller RTP. And today it’s quite difficult to find this slot, in spite of this type is the first variant of Video Poker machines.
    • Joker Wilds. The main peculiarity of this type is the existence of one or more Joker cards, which can substitute any of the cards to help in creating the winning combination. But this bonus leads to the harder limits of the smallest winning hands. Thus, it’s necessary to have, at least, a pair of Kings. At the same time the strategy of this variant of Video Poker machines gives a bigger understanding how to win. The other side of the coin is fewer odds. And it’s up to every player’s intention – to win more, but seldom, or to win not much, but from time to time.
    • Deuces Wild. This type of poker is similar to Joker Wilds, but here Deuces take the role of Jacks. The other rules remain the same. But at the same time the pay-out percentage is bigger, than it’s with Jokers.
    • Double bonus. It’s a sort of Jacks or Better, but with the higher pay-out for 4 Aces. The possible RTP can be closer to 100,2% that makes this machine very attractive for the fans of the game.

    Video Poker slots, which shouldn’t be went pass in 2019

    Video Poker machines are represented in many of casinos. And it’s natural, as these slots are the most popular in the gamblers’ society. Visiting this or that casino, players eyes are looking at many possible variants, but the best of them should be in the top list of every fan.

    video poker
    • All American Poker. It’s the most possible variant to find this machine in any of Las Vegas casinos.
    • Bonus Deuces Wild Video Poker. This type is usually the neighbor of All American Poker.
    • Bonus Poker Video Poker. A bit strange name of the slot is absolutely opposite to the gambling process.
    • Jacks or Better. This name hasn’t to be any additional description. When the gambler sees this machine, there are automatically steps, which are made closer to the slot.
    • Loose Deuces Video Poker. It’s should be tried in practically any of the Las Vegas’ casinos.

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